​How to fix a glass door

How to fix a glass door

Fixing a glass door is tricky as it is not the same as of the regular doors. Moreover, here, the fixing strategy is often dependent upon the type of clog or the reason behind.

How to fix a glass door

Fixing the glass door is pretty case-specific. The strategy of fixing is hugely dependent upon the design of the door. Moreover, one should try to figure out the prime factor causing the issues with the glass door. In most cases occasions, it occurs due to the clogging of roller. In such occasions, one should simply check whether mud, dirt or anything of such is accumulated.

Check the roller adjustment

If the fixing is not accomplished simply upon removing the dirt, the door should be first taken out, and then the roller adjustment should be figured out. Next, using the screwdriver, it should be rotated in the opposite direction. This would help in making the door fall in the track.

Correct positioning or alignment of the door

For smooth access, one should position the door properly, and using the screwdriver; the roller should be removed. In case it is damaged, replacing the same entirely is the solution. If the dirt accumulates, it should be cleaned off. One may go for lubricating using oil as well for better results.

Proper adjustment of screws

Make sure that the adjustment of screws is thoroughly done and in proper alignment with the hole. If it is not aligned well, use the hammer to tap gently and bring back into position. One may check whether the wheels are damaged, as well. After it comes into right position, take back the roller to the best extent as it is possible.


After following the above steps, if the problem still persists, the best recommendation would be to re-install the door. Moreover, it should be done only through a certified professional service provider.