Rally Locations for December 13th

Below is a list of the official rally locations for the December 13th protests, if you have any questions or wish to volunteer please click your state to the upper right or refer to the forums section. All event coordinators can be contacted at -organiser [at] and all media contact would be preferred through humanresources [at] Help us spread the word, click on GET ACTIVE above to find out how!

13th of December
11am - 3pm
Brisbane Square
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13th of December
Town Hall
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13th of December
State Library
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13th of December
12pm - 4pm
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13th of December
Parliament Lawns
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26/11/08 Update:
13th of December
Stirling Gardens
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If this is your first rally, never fear; it’s a good place to start. The most important thing is your comfort, if you’re worn out, overheated and dehydrated you can’t really get a message home to the public about what you’re protesting for. It’s a good idea to dress to the weather, bring water, comfortable shoes, eat before attending and bring a sign! A cheap piece of board plus a stencil kit can yield a pretty nifty message delivery system.

For more tips and tricks on protest angles, check the forums! Got any good advice? Post it there!

Children’s welfare groups slam net filters

This article can be found here.

Asher Moses
December 1, 2008 - 9:21AM

“Support for the Government’s plan to censor the internet has hit rock bottom, with even some children’s welfare groups now saying that that the mandatory filters, aimed squarely at protecting kids, are ineffective and a waste of money.

Live trials of the filters, which will block “illegal” content for all Australian internet users and “inappropriate” adult content on an opt-in basis, are slated to begin by Christmas, despite harsh opposition from the Greens, Opposition, the internet industry, consumers and online rights groups.

Holly Doel-Mackaway, adviser with Save the Children, the largest independent children’s rights agency in the world, said educating kids and parents was the way to empower young people to be safe internet users.

She said the filter scheme was “fundamentally flawed” because it failed to tackle the problem at the source and would inadvertently block legitimate resources. More »

Activists target Rudd’s net censorship plans

This article can be found here.

Asher Moses
November 27, 2008 - 11:54AM

“The political activists who helped free David Hicks and abolish Work Choices have now set their sights on the Government’s plan to censor the internet, which is already facing a major backlash and a lack of political support.

GetUp says it plans to run mainstream ads and offline action that will be as elaborate as its free Hicks campaign. In just a day, a petition on its website has attracted over 22,000 signatures; GetUp said it had received more emails urging them to act on this issue than “any other campaign in recent history”.

Both the Opposition and the Greens this week officially announced their opposition to the internet filtering plan, which critics like GetUp fear will slow the internet to a crawl and open the door to censorship of other material such as regular pornography, political views, pro-abortion sites and online gambling. More »

Internet filter to block 10,000-plus “unwanted” sites

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By Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson

November 13, 2008 01:16pm

READERS of The Courier-Mail online have blasted plans for Australia’s mandatory internet filter to block as many as 10,000 websites.

The websites form a blacklist of unspecified “unwanted content”, Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy revealed in Federal Parliament.

The 10,000 blacklisted websites would be blocked in addition to 1300 websites identified by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

The majority of 271 comments posted to 14.12pm yesterday revealing fears of interference from ”Big Brother.” More »


Senator Conroy hides behind child pornography as a shield.  He has on numerous occasions used weasel words suggestive that any Senator or person who opposes his mandatory filtering are clearly some lurking social menace with a child porn collection in their wardrobe.

Senator LUDLAM—I am just wondering if I can put these questions to you without being accused of being pro child pornography. That would assist.

He’s weaseled his way out of other things, including addressing what is illegal, or will be part of the mandatory censorship of the internet that end users cannot opt out of.  Table 25: Prohibited / potentially prohibited internet content 2007-08, items actioned. A rather unimposing title, yet this list outlines content actioned by the ACMA who are key stakeholders in the upcoming filtered internet that (if government speculation is something to go by) will be rolled out in March, 2009. More »